• National Table
    for Frequencies Allocation
  • Quality Parameters for
    the Internet Access Service
  • Virtual Museum
    of communication equipments
  • European Regulators Assembled in Bucharest to Discuss the Future of the European Universal Postal Service
    Posted at: 19.11.2014

    Bucharest hosted today, 19 November 2014, the first stakeholder workshop of ERGP

  • ANCOM Recommends Caution When Buying Electric and Electronic Domestic Appliances
    Posted at: 18.11.2014

    ANCOM warns the consumers to check the technical specifications, as well as the CE marking, when they wish to buy electric and electronic domestic appliances

  • Internet and Telephone Services Adapted for Disabled Users
    Posted at: 17.11.2014

    ANCOM has submitted to public consultation a set of measures intended to ensure the disabled persons’ access to telephony and internet access services

  • ANCOM Wishes More Transparency for Telecom Offers
    Posted at: 06.11.2014
    ANCOM has submitted today to public consultation a series of new obligations of informing the end-users