7.3 million subscribers to TV retransmission services in Romania


At mid-2017, around 98% of the households in Romania benefitted from pay TV programme retransmission services, accounting for more than 7.3 million subscribers, up 2.5% year-on-year. Most of these- 4.9 million - are cable subscribers, 2.4 million are satellite network (DTH) subscribers, and 106 thousand are IP (IPTV) subscribers. The full report drawn up by ANCOM is available, in Romanian, here. An infographic on TV subscribers is available here.
TV subscribers - urban vs. rural
In urban areas, TV services are mainly received via cable networks (82% of the urban TV subscribers), while in rural areas they are mainly received via DTH satellite networks (56% of the rural TV subscribers).
Cable TV subscribers 
Furthermore, at national level, cable networks are the main support on which TV service subscribers receive audio-visual programs (66% of all TV subscribers in Romania). Out of the 4.9 million subscribers to cable services, 3.6 million live in urban areas (+ 3% y.o.y.) and 1.3 million in rural areas (+ 12% y.o.y.). Thus, the penetration rate of audio-visual programme retransmission services provided on cable networks reached 65% at national level (84% urban and 40% rural).
Digital TV subscribers 
The number of subscribers to retransmission services receiving digital audio-visual media programme services kept growing, up to 4.6 million (+ 3% y.o.y.), by mid-2017. Among those receiving digital TV programmes, approximately 2.4 million (-3% y.o.y.) subscribed to DTH services, while about 2.2 million (+ 10% y.o.y.) subscribed to services provided on cable networks, and approximately 106 thousand (+ 20% y.o.y.) used IP(IPTV) technology.
Statistical data report

The statistical data report on the Romanian electronic communications market in the first half of 2017 has been drawn up by ANCOM based on the statistical data reported half-yearly by the providers that have the obligation to report the indicators corresponding to service categories according to Decision no. 333/2013and is available, in Romanian, here