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ANCOM launches public consultation on the Terms of Reference for the T-DAB+ frequencies award procedure in Romania


ANCOM will auction out the rights to use radio frequencies for the operation of one national T-DAB+ terrestrial digital audio broadcasting multiplex in the 223-230 MHz band (TV channel 12) and of one national T-DAB+ terrestrial digital audio broadcasting multiplex or 36 regional multiplexes in the 216-223 MHz band (TV channel 11). These multiplexes will be awarded through a competitive selection procedure, for 10 years. The Terms of Reference launched for public consultation is available, in Romanian, here.
Sound radio broadcasting using the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) standard provides enhanced sound and image quality and enables more efficient use of the radio spectrum by transmitting a higher number of programmes by means of a narrower frequency spectrum.
The competitive selection procedure requires each bidder to submit an initial bid indicating the multiplexes he wishes to acquire. If demand exceeds the number of multiplexes available, primary bidding rounds will be organized until the demand no longer exceeds the offer. The reserve price for each multiplex is the minimum licence fee to be set by the Government, upon ANCOM’s proposal.
Regional multiplexes may only be auctioned if no bids for the national multiplex are submitted in the 216-223 MHz band.
Qualification requirements
An applicant may participate in the auction only if it fulfils the following requirements: it is a Romanian or foreign legal person, it has an average turnover over the last 3 years or for the period elapsed since its establishment (where it is shorter than 3 years) of at least EUR 2,000,000, it submits a bid/bids for the national multiplex/ multiplexes, it is not under insolvency or liquidation procedures, its business is not managed by a syndic judge, its commercial activities - in their entirety - should not to be suspended or in a situation, regulated by law, similar to the above-mentioned ones, and it has duly paid taxes, contributions and other fees to the state budget, to social insurance and to special fund budgets. All the qualification requirements proposed by ANCOM are available in the Terms of Reference.
Auction procedure schedule
The auction will be launched by publishing an announcement once the documentation has been finalized. The entities interested in participating in the procedure will have four weeks from the date of the announcement, for submitting an application file. ANCOM will announce the qualifying applicants within two days from the submission date, then the actual auction stages will follow. The Authority is to announce the auction results within three days from its completion and the winners are to pay the license fee within 90 calendar days from the announcement of the results.
Coverage obligations
The winners of the national multiplexes will have to put into operation at least 10 transmitters and to launch service upon the installation and authorization of at least two transmitters in Bucharest, for each multiplex, within 2 years from the date of obtaining the licences. Winners of regional multiplexes will have the obligation to put into operation at least one transmitter in each allotment within 18 months from the date of obtaining the licences.
Public consultation
The draft Terms of Reference for the competitive selection procedure to be organised with a view to awarding licences for the use of radio frequencies in terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting (T-DAB+) system is available, in Romanian, here. The interested persons are invited to submit their comments and suggestions, by 24.09.2018, at the ANCOM headquarters (2 Delea Noua Street, Bucharest 3), directly to the ANCOM Registry Office or by means of ANCOM’s regional divisions. Comments may also be sent by fax to +40 372 845 402 or by e-mail to