International current consultations

  • ERGP stakeholder forum “When digital meets postal - Evolution or revolution?”
On 20 September, stakeholders from the postal sector gathered in Brussels for the forum organised by the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) and the European Commission. 
Representatives from all over the postal sector (operators, regulators, governments, consumer organisations, trade unions, etc.) attended panel discussions and participated in the ensuing debates on the changes due to the growth in e-commerce activities and the future of the postal regulatory context.
Mr. Cadete de Matos (incoming 2019 ERGP Chair and Chairman of ANACOM) presented the 2019 ERGP work programme which has been published for public consultation until 24 September. 
ERGP activities will be focused next year on the regulatory needs of the European postal sector in the perspective of a review of the regulatory framework for postal services, closely followed by the coordinated implementation of the Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. 
Stakeholders were happy to express their views on the future work of the ERGP, the evolutions on the postal market and ideas on the future regulation. The ERGP invitation to contribute further to an open dialogue with all stakeholders was highly appreciated.  
On this occasion, the ERGP unveiled its new logo. The new visual identity fits with the growth and progress of the ERGP in recent years. The new logo takes into account the new and challenging environment of the postal sector in times of e-commerce and new technologies, in which the national sector regulatory bodies are involved. 
Jack Hamande (Chairman of the ERGP): “It was a fruitful dialogue with all stakeholders, to help all of us to identify the opportunities and the challenges within the postal sector today and tomorrow.”